FROM A SIMPLE ECOMMERCE PRODUCT SHOT, TO A FULL SET BUILD, I have vast experience with all.  Yes I'm a freelancer, but this comes with the advantage that I’m not tied to one studio, though I do have my own.  I have a varied range of contacts that allows me to tailor the project to your exact requirements, where necessary building a team that has the relevant talent and finding a space that perfectly suits the needs of the project.


A TRUE PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY, its not just a job for me, I want every image to be as good as it can be.  Equally I’m not one of those photographers that spends hours working on a problem shot that could be fixed quickly in post production.  The technology is there to help and I make full use of it where necessary, maintaining quality and keeping production times realistic.


SEE IMAGES AS THEY’RE SHOT, anywhere that you have an internet connection.  It's not always possible for clients to be on set while I'm shooting, but occasionally its still necessary for them to sign images off.  No more emailing images back and forth...  Technology allows me to create a live feed that you can view, it's even possible for you to 'rate' the images you like in real time.  You can get on with your day as shots pop up in your browser, then consult over the phone when necessary.


CLIENTS COME BACK TIME AND TIME AGAIN, my client retention rate is superb.  I strive to do a great job on every project, I go the extra mile, to make sure you get the results you want, all while maintaining a relaxed environment and having a little fun.  I get stuff done...



Studio: 01977 878 552

Mobile: 07793 030 698



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